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I am trying to make a purchase, and having some issues. I am able to click on the "Buy Now" button and fill out my information. However, it continually is not allowing me to continue past this. I have spoken with my bank, who say this is not the issue, but that it is PayPal.
So, I spoke with them, and they said they can't authorize such a large payment since I have not used PayPal in the past. Is there another way to purchase this dress and still have the same protection that PayPal offers? I am in the US and am purchasing a dress from New Zealand, so I need to make sure that I am protected.

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Hi Elizabeth,

If Paypal is not an option, you may investigate using:
For more information on their protection policies please visit their website.

Please note that Stillwhite's service is not integrated with

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Great process, very easy to communicate with sellers and a easy to use interface. Can't wait to wear my new dress!
1 week ago
What a fantastic experience! You made it possible for me to get my second wedding dress just in time and at a low cost!
Christine, New York
3 weeks ago