Hey Ladies,

GREAT NEWS! We have just launched our new Measurements feature...YAY!!!

You can now add in your exact measurements of the dress into your listing's description. This feature will help potential buyers find their correct sizing and drive more brides to-be to your listing.

All you have to do is Click on the Edit button in your Dashboard to add in the measurements.

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Excellent! Thank you. Going to try this out soon. :)

Hi Joanna,

Can there be more options for the bust measurements. Mine is 79cm and there's no selection for this.


Hi Thi, Thanks for your feedback!

The measurements feature has just been updated. You can now go back into your listing and edit your measurements to your correct size.

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In Japan, wedding dresses are over priced and most of the brides have to rental the dresses for a day at retail price outside Japan. Also, Japanese girls are so skinnny and many over sized bride(over US size 6) have difficulty finding a dress. I really thank Still White. Com
1 week ago
I found a dress locally and it was very easy dealing on the website. The person I bought the dress from was lovely and very helpful. It was a great experience. Plus I got a bargain. I would recommend still white to anybody getting married.
Jenny, Elsternwick
1 week ago